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Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca Returns Kitchen Floors to Their Original Beauty

People who love hardwood floors may still shy away from having those floors installed in the kitchen and dining room. They worry about the possibility of water, beverage and food spills. What if the dishwasher or refrigerator leaks? What if somebody knocks over a glass of red wine? Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca can bring hardwood floors back to their luxurious beauty and resolve issues with stains, scratches and other problems that can develop.

It’s true that residents of a home with wood floors in the kitchen need to be more vigilant than they might be with linoleum, vinyl or tile. Spills, even minor water spills, must be mopped up quickly, or the substance can change the color of the wood. People who love in old houses with floors of the same age may appreciate the more weathered look that can come with time, but others want the flooring to remain shiny and looking like new. Wood Flooring Refinishing in Tribeca may become necessary to return the floors to the desired appearance. In addition, if someone buys an old house and isn’t happy with the weathered floors, refinishing can restore the wood to a more desired look.

The extent of the refinishing work depends on the extent of damage that has occurred. Spot refinishing is a relatively easy task. This can resolve areas where water dripped on the floor, for instance, and nobody noticed until much later. Light scratches that only affect the finish also do not take a great deal of work to fix. Technicians might be able to use a buffer to sand those areas and add new finish. If a dent or chip has occurred, that will need to be filled in with wood putty before proceeding.

Years of wear and tear may lead homeowners to want a company like New York Wood Flooring to do a complete refinishing job. The technicians sand down the floor until only the bare wood is left. Deep scratches and dents are filled in. The technicians add the stain that the customers want and at least two applications of finish. Now the kitchen floor has its timeless beauty restored.