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Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Flooring Installation In Manhattan

Many individuals want the traditional look of wood floors in their homes but don’t know much about choosing and installing this type of flooring. Before selecting wood flooring, individuals should understand the differences of each kind. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan.

Are there different types of wood that are used as wood flooring material?

There are many types of wood used for flooring material, and each species of wood has a hardness level. Wood that has the highest hardness levels is more durable than softer wood species.

Some of the hardest woods include Brazilian cherry, mahogany, and hickory. White oak, ash, and beech have a medium hardness level, while Douglas fir, black cherry, and Southern yellow pine are the softest wood species.

Is a hardwood floor complete as soon as the installation is finished?

If the flooring material is prefinished, this means the floor has already been treated by the manufacturer with an aluminum oxide finish and the floor is complete after installation. If the wood flooring material is unfinished, it must be stained and finished after it’s installed.

This choice is a matter of personal preference but, if the floor is being installed in an existing home, it’s better for homeowners to choose prefinished wood. Finishing wood flooring on-site means it will be days before family members can walk on the floor, and the floor must be completely dry before any furniture can be moved back into the room.

Is the installation of wood flooring an easy job for inexperienced individuals?

Some individuals choose to install their own wood floors and, although it’s doable, hiring professionals who are experienced in Wood Flooring Installation in Manhattan will ensure the job is done right. Qualified installers can finish the job faster, and they know how to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. When individuals spend the money on a new wood floor, they should make sure the installation is done correctly.

Homeowners in Manhattan who need a professional company for the installation or repair of their wood flooring can contact New York Wood Flooring for dependable service. This company also specializes in refinishing, staining, and water damage restoration for homes and businesses.