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Wooden Pallets in Austin Have Many Uses

Wooden pallets can be constructed from softwood or hardwood. Softwood structures are considered disposable, so they are used for applications in which they are discarded afterwards. Hardwood structures are the most common and are reusable. They have top and bottom boards. They differ from skids in that skids only have top boards. Skids date back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt.

Wooden pallets, however, did not become very popular until the forklift was invented. World War II also led to increased reliance on mass-scale logistics which created more work for forklifts. The first structures were patented in the 1920s. They grew in popularity until they are ubiquitous in factory functions. However, since they can be more expensive to ship back empty, they are often recycled or resold. An entire cottage industry has developed around repurposing wooden pallets.


Taylor Guitars, a manufacturer of acoustic guitars, once produced a high-quality guitar from the discarded wood. The goal was to emphasize that technique was more important than expensive materials. Some amateur luthiers have also constructed guitars from this discarded wood as a novelty.


These structures do not make good firewood unless they are first inspected. A wooden pallets in Austin and other humid environments are often treated with preservatives. They are also treated with fungicides and pesticides to prevent rot and weathering. These are typically propiconazole or different pyrethrins. They are very harmful when combusted. If inhaled, the toxic smoke can cause negative health effects. However, if they are untreated, they make great firewood for bonfires because the construction allows air to flow to different parts of the fire.


Because they are treated with preservatives and other treatments, they are very durable. Many independent craftspeople like the material because it is resistant. Also, they like that it is very affordable since companies are trying to get rid of them. Sometimes, they are even free.

Many craftspeople create mazes, chairs, desks, and tables from the structures.


The fungicides, pesticides, and preservatives used to make them suitable for shipping and long-term use can have harmful health effects. These chemicals are typically safe when the structures are in normal use. However, when they are repurposed, they are subjected to new stresses. Fire, for example, combusts the chemicals and releases toxic smoke. If inhaled, this smoke can be harmful.

Another danger is sanding. When sanded, the wood releases sawdust that contains the harmful chemicals. It can also be inhaled in this manner. In fact, it is likely that a case of recalled medication is due to the storage device. They were likely stored on structures treated with a certain chemical. Mold degraded the chemicals and released noxious chemicals. This is rare, but it is a possibility.

Contact us for many craftspeople create mazes, chairs, desks, and tables from the structures.

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