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Tips for Spring Yard Maintenance in Anaheim

It may not seem like it, but spring is right around the corner and it’s almost time for families to be heading outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Although Anaheim residents are luckier than most Americans in that they don’t have to deal with winter snow and freezing temperatures, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still looking forward to spring. Homeowners can read on to find some helpful tips for spring Yard Maintenance in Anaheim to get a jump on their seasonal chores and make sure that the whole family will be able to enjoy their yards in the coming months.

Clean Up Yard Waste First

The first step any homeowner should take when getting a head-start on spring yard maintenance is to get rid of any tree limbs or brush that have fallen into the yard since it was last maintained. If there are just a few small branches, this will be easy. Cleaning up larger branches often requires some specialized tools and experience, though, so it might be better for those who are dealing with large branches or entire trees to enlist some professional help.

Tame the Shrubs

Pruning or even completely removing unsightly shrubs can be a hassle but it’s essential that this job get done at least once a year. Leaving them to continue growing unchecked will only compound the problem. This is especially true in areas where shrubs can crowd out garden plants, taking valuable nutrients and water from them and making themselves a nuisance.

Consider Aerating

If the soil has become compacted during recent months due to extreme use or inclement weather it can really wreak havoc on the lawn. The solution is fairly simple, though. Homeowners need to either buy a plug or spike aerator or hire a company that provides Yard Maintenance in Anaheim to aerate their lawns for them.

Get Started Early

Homeowners who prefer to hire professionals for their spring clean-ups and yard maintenance should try to get an early start this year. They can begin the process of finding a clean-up and landscaping professional by checking out Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. online. Learn more about their services then call to get a quote today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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