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Promote Your Brand All Year Long with a Folding Umbrella

Choosing a personalized folding umbrella to promote your business is a great option. Even if you only pass them out once or twice, they are a product that can be used all year long. This is a huge plus for your company since you continue to get exposure long after your investment on the umbrellas is made. An umbrella is something everyone needs, and it will be used much longer than a gimmick or fad that may be out of style in weeks or months.

Uses for Umbrellas

A folding umbrella is perfect for a rainy day, but that isn’t the only time it can be used. All sorts of people choose to use an umbrella to keep the sun’s rays off of them to prevent skin cancer. Many mothers also use them to keep their children protected in a stroller. You’ll see them among golfers on the fairway and at the boardwalk or beach where the sun might be beating down on you. That’s part of what makes this promotional item so great; anyone can use it and see benefits.

Tons of Umbrella Options

Some umbrellas open automatically while others close manually. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some even have a fancy case or a wrist strap to make storing them a breeze. There are tiny mini umbrellas that have a smaller coverage area, but which can be folded down for easy storage to massive executive and golf umbrellas that can cover several people all at once. You can easily choose one that your customers will benefit from and then see your brand name on the streets for months or even years afterward.

Why Promote with Umbrellas

Just like a business card offers your name and information about you, a promotional umbrella can give potential customers more information about your brand. Your logo is out in the world so others can see it, which may send additional people your way. The truth is that handing out promotional items like umbrellas can have a huge effect on people learning who you are and what services you offer.

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