Why Woman Should Consider Freezing Their Eggs for the Future Mar15


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Why Woman Should Consider Freezing Their Eggs for the Future

In the past men and women were family-oriented with their primary focus following school was to marry and start their own family. However, today many couples are selecting to focus on their career and their life goals before they opt to have children. In some cases, people want to be financially secure before they start having children of their own. Women today are opting for egg freezing in Toronto to help preserve their eggs until they are ready to start a family. Oocyte Cryopreservation allows women to protect their fertility by ensuring they will have healthy eggs when they are ready to get pregnant.

Advantages of Oocyte Cryopreservation

The quality of a woman’s eggs diminishes over the years which decreases the chance of having a viable pregnancy that leads to birth. Egg freezing in Toronto area helps prevents the risk of unhealthy eggs that produce chromosomal abnormalities. The percentage of eggs a woman has decreased with each; which can result in women ages thirty and forty having a 5 to 15 % chance of conceiving a child. Allows women to focus on their career and other life goals without the stress of their biological clock ticking away. In some cases, egg freezing is beneficial to protect the eggs if the woman should ever have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

Protect Your Fertility Today by Consulting with a Specialist

Whether you face hereditary factors that affect your ability to reproduce after a certain age or want to focus on your career. You should consult the specialists at First Steps Fertility to learn more information on how they can assist in preserving your eggs. They use the latest technology available to help improve your chances of successfully conceiving a child with viable eggs that were frozen.

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