The Fascinating History And Legacy Of Volvo May17


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The Fascinating History And Legacy Of Volvo

Auto shoppers are often impressed when perusing the typical used Volvo Arlington Heights dealers have in stock. The history of Volvo offers some insights when trying to understand the roots of this brand’s resiliency. Volvo is a venerable brand with lots of respect in the auto industry. This iconic car company was founded in early 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is largely due to Volvo that Scandinavia has become the automotive powerhouse known and loved by the world today. Since the very beginning, Volvo’s commercial rise was accompanied by a remarkably detail-oriented approach to vehicle design. When a person buys a Volvo sedan, they can be virtually certain of acquiring a well-calibrated, quality controlled machine.

Volvo’s well-established, genuine focus on safety goes back to the very birth of the brand in the late 1920s. This auto company’s stated purpose for coming into existence was to improve vehicle safety on the streets of Sweden and the world. Because some of the company’s founding corporate leaders had lost loved ones in automobile accidents, the company’s commitment to safety was firm from the outset. As the company’s first CEO, Assar Gabrielsson introduced a lot of reforms to corporate governance in his sector. The first Volvo produced for sale was called the Volvo OV 4. Though undeniably stylish, the OV 4 was also designed to withstand the most inclement Swedish weather. This pivotal early Volvo was also optimized for the rough terrain one can find throughout Scandinavia.

1963 was a landmark year for Volvo’s expansion. That was the year Volvo opened a factory in Halifax, Canada. This was Volvo’s first manufacturing facility outside of its home country of Sweden. Today, one can find Volvo factories and dealerships throughout the world. Most people are bound to be impressed by the quality of the average used Volvo Arlington Heights dealers currently stock.

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