Get the Lemon Law in New Jersey to Work for You May17


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Get the Lemon Law in New Jersey to Work for You

So, your new car has turned out to be a lemon, and as of this date, it’s still not operating properly. It’s time to consider New Jersey’s lemon law. While it may seem best to pursue your complaint through the Better Business Bureau, in the State of New Jersey, any and all legal costs for representation by an attorney are free if your car meets the qualifications of a lemon. The manufacturer is responsible and must be notified that your car is a lemon. To qualify, it must still be covered by a manufacturer’s drive-train warranty. Second, you took it to a garage for servicing at least three times for the same problem without a successful outcome. And finally, it’s been in the garage for over 20 days without a successful repair. At this time, your car is a lemon.

Safety Issues

In truth, there are circumstances where your claim could be filed without three trips to the garage. For instance, if a safety feature has failed and it has not been fixed on the first attempt, the lemon law NJ kicks in and you can take the manufacturer to task for it. In that case, the qualifier is that the car’s problem is actually life-threatening.

Is it Really Free?

Nothing’s free, after all, but in truth, this time it is. The lemon law in NJ insists the manufacturer picks up the cost of the lawsuit whether you win or lose. Any payment to your lawyer is shifted to the end of the case. Your lawyer will be paid either way. As a result, you should go forward with your complaint because it’s free. Needless to say, you’ll get better representation from an attorney than you would if you went through the Better Business Bureau. The only things not covered by the lemon law in NJ are commercial vehicles.

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