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Guide to Hiring Roofers in Franklin

Homeowners rely on their roofs to protect their homes from the elements. With such a significant investment comes the expectation that the roof will look pleasing and function properly for many years. However, even the best, most expensive roof will only work as well as the person installing it. Hiring quality roofers in Franklin is the key to achieving the best results. Follow these suggestions to find a roofer to trust.

Look Locally

Look for a roofing company well established in the Franklin area. When contacting potential contractors, ask for their address and visit them to confirm they have a physical presence. Local contractors will understand the weather patterns that could affect the roof. They would also be more likely to honor their work with warranty repairs. Finally, a local company has a reputation to maintain, and its employees will be focused on delivering excellent results for its customers.

Ask About Experience

It doesn’t take much to understand that contractors hone their skills over the course of many years. A roofer who has been in the business over five years knows what they are doing. Ask potential contractors about how long they have been in business and how long the particular contractors who will be completing the job have been doing roofing work. If they have some newer workers on the job, don’t be immediately alarmed as long as they have a seasoned employee directly supervising their work.

Check References

One way to verify a contractor’s reputation and experience is to ask for references. Speak with some of their past clients to get some unbiased feedback. Ask if they were happy with the work, how the roof had held up over the years, and would they consider using the same company again for any future roofing projects.

Verify Insurance

Roofing work can be dangerous, and homeowners can be on the hook for damages if they use someone uninsured to do their roofing work. Injuries can be substantial, and so homeowners need to protect themselves by only hiring roofers with adequate insurance coverage.

Final Thoughts

Roofing results are directly connected to the quality of the roofer completing the job. Spend some time ahead of the job looking for a locally experienced roofer for the best results. Contact H.E. Parmer company to speak with roofers in Franklin.

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