The Aftermath of Flooding – Stay Calm and Take Action

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Restoration

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With storms battering the Las Vegas area last year, many homes suffered from flooding damage. Whilst in some cases the damage to property was minor, the stress and inconvenience caused to people’s lives cannot be underestimated. It’s at times like these that the services of a water removal, Henderson company are needed, who can quickly and efficiently remove excess water from your home and assist with the clean-up process.

After the Downpour

Once flooding has ended, the real work begins. Your priority is removing water safely and efficiently from your home, whilst preventing further damage. You need to ensure that you don’t switch on your central heating or power of any kind until water has been pumped from your home – contacting a water removal Henderson company in the local area is the quickest and most efficient way to ensure water is removed from your property. Once water has been removed from your home, it’s safe to dry out your property – the best way to do this is usually by using your central heating, but always ensure that you have been told it is safe to switch this on. By setting your heating to 22 degrees centigrade or above, you can ensure that your home will dry out quickly; don’t forget to open windows and provide adequate ventilation.

Mold Prevention

If your home has been flooded, there’s a good chance you will experience issues with mold. However, there are a number of steps you can take to try and prevent this happening. A reliable water removal company will also be able to assist in the removal of any mold that has already formed and advise you of steps to take if you experience more mold problems. They will also usually be able to assist with removing moldy or wet carpet. Mold growing on drywall will need to be removed completely, as the material is porous and mold cannot be cleaned off it properly. Insulation will also need to be removed and discarded as it takes too long to dry out after flooding or water damage.


Furniture that is wet and has mold on it should be placed in plastic bags or covers wherever possible and removed from your home to dry in the sun. It’s a personal decision whether to clean the mold off and keep these items or discard them and purchase new furniture. A repair and restoration company who specialize in Water removal and mold removal in Henderson will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take.

Flooding and water damage can create stress and anxiety, but by using a specialist repair and restoration firm in the local area, you can be sure that you will receive assistance and support throughout the difficult clean-up process.

Ultimate Choice Restoration are a professional company who have been providing services to the Las Vegas Valley area since 1994. Fully licensed and insured, they offer services to those whose homes or workplaces have been damaged by fire or water and can also offer mold removal and other repairs. If you have been a victim of flooding and require Water Removal Henderson, they can help you.

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