Brass Recycling In Vineland – Get the Best Prices and Their Classification

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Environment

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Do you want to sell brass items? If yes then you can contact scrap yards or recycling centers. Most of the scrap yards as well as recycling centers can buy those brass items from you at good prices. So you have good alternatives to earn good money selling those brass items. Make research and you are likely to get hold of many brass recycling centers in Vineland.

Brass items that can be recycled easily are plumbing pipes, sprinklers, heater coils, etc. It is better to contact a recycling center, as they are the best people to identify the composition and make the payment accordingly. However, it is recommended to know about the prices of your product before selling it. This is important as you can get the best price for your product.

Tips to get good prices for brass items

Before selling the brass items to the recycling center, make yourself confirmed about the quantities to be sold to them. This is because the cost of the brass items is based on their weight. Therefore, you can earn more by selling more amount of the metal. Further, you can find out which recycling center offers great value against sold brass items.

There are recycling centers making the cash payment in terms of quantity whereas others make the payment only after the products are recycled. Although prices of scraps depend more on market values yet you can have discussion with the center regarding its prices. Learning all the facts about the recycling center would help you to make correct decision about the center to be opted.

Classification of brass

*     Red brass: Items made from this brass comprise of copper (85%), zinc (15%) and little bit of tin and lead. This metal is declining, but still is recycled mostly. It got its name from reddish color it possesses. Since the amount of copper is highest in the metal, it is red in color. You can come across many items being made up of red brass including shut-off valves, sprinklers etc.

*     Semi-red brass: It is the latest addition into classification of brass. Also, it can be considered as modern replacement of red brass. Semi-red brass is comprised of zinc (10%), lead (2 to 3%), copper (80%) and tin (5%). Although the percentage of copper is bit lesser into semi-red brass, yet it is equally useful as red brass and also has similar uses. This one is used widely presently in place of red brass and has proved fruitful.

*     Yellow brass: Yellow brass is made up of copper (60 to 70%), zinc (30 to 40%) and lesser quantities of tin and lead respectively. It got its name from the color it possesses. Among all the three, this is used commonly. Items made up of this brass are used popularly for household purposes. Prices of yellow brass are often influenced from copper and so are charged the same. Some of the common examples of yellow brass are keys, faucets and other plumbing products.


American Recycling can be contacted as they have goodwill as a brass recycling center in Vineland. It is better to gain more information about them in details.


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