Managing sewer repairs and cleaning

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Every plumbing fixture eventually leads to a sewer or a septic tank, and it gets there via a series of pipes that go to make up the system; it is this network that often calls for sewer cleaning in Baltimore. Sewer problems can be reasonably straight forward, or they can be deep rooted. At times, it is difficult to determine just exactly where the problem lies, but the clog can be identified.

The plumbing fixtures in your home all include a “P trap” which is a pipe in the system which retains a plug of water after the appliance has been used. The idea of the trap is to block sewer gas from entering the home, and it does this by being connected directly to a vent pipe which usually exits the home through the roof. If you have a blocked drain, you will need sewer cleaning in Baltimore, but you may be able to handle the job yourself if you can reasonably identify the extent of the problem.

Find where the problem is:

If you find that a drain in your home is blocked, try other sinks, tubs and toilets in your home to see if they too are troublesome, or if they are working normally. If they are all showing as problematic, the problem is somewhere in the main drain, if they function properly, the clog is localized and lies somewhere between the fixture outlet and the main branch.

If your initial investigation indicates that the sewer is clogged deep in the system, the recommendation is to simply call sewer cleaning in Baltimore, if the clog is localized you may be able to move it with simple tools and little skill.

The solutions:

Sewer cleaning in Baltimore can be attacked with a drain cleaner, but the use of these chemicals does require precautions to be taken. The materials that are used to remove the clog; normally, a grease buildup or an accumulation of soap scum and hair, is caustic. Rubber gloves and face protection should be used during their application. Caustic materials may also affect the materials used in your system.

If the use of drain cleaners fails, then attempt to move the clog with a plunger. If that fails a try a snake; a snake is a flexible cable which has a hook on one end, which untangles the clog and a crank on the other end which can be turned to rotate the hook. To enter the snake into the system it is best to use a branch cleanout as the cable may mar the surface of your porcelain fixtures. If this does not work the recommendation is to contact a drain specialist who has the proper tools and experience to handle sewer cleaning in Baltimore.

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