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In order to maximise your sewing skills it is advisable to take care when selecting the correct thread to use. It may seem a moot point but by choosing the correct thread and fabric combination you can greatly improve your sewing work. Threads can come in a wide range of types and colors and it is advisable to choose correctly with special regard to your intended piece of work and the fabric that you will be using.

The five main types of thread

There are considered to be five main types of thread for use in conjunction with your Sewing Machines In Vancouver WA. All of these have applicable advantages and disadvantages but the overriding consideration when choosing a thread concerns that of the type of fabric being worked upon.

Silk thread has very good elasticity. If the material that you will be attempting to work on is going to have more “stretch” properties than usual then this is the type of thread to choose. Due to its elasticity it will not rip or tear when the material is stretched. This type of thread is very common when working on items of clothing such as underwear and fitted tops.

Poly-cotton thread is a good multipurpose type of thread that can be used on a variety of fabrics and for a variety of reasons. It is the most commonly used of all threads and is the type of thread that you will usually see on a high percentage of materials. It has very good all round properties and is therefore a popular choice for sewing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Cotton thread is considered to be the second most popular thread. Unlike silk thread, cotton thread has very low elasticity and is therefore totally unsuitable for use on materials that will be regularly stretched. Should we use this type of thread on items of clothing such as underwear, we would soon see the thread rip or tear, resulting in a potentially embarrassing situation!

The next type of thread to consider is polyester. Polyester thread is usually used in conjunction with items of clothing or materials that have relatively high stretch capabilities. This thread is relatively cheap but many are put off by the “shin” finish in certain types of light.

Finally, heavy duty thread. As the name suggests, this type of thread is used on materials that need extra strengthening. Items such as furniture and bags that require a robust nature will benefit from the use of this type of thread.

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