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House Window Replacement Can Keep You Safe!

Are you considering house window replacement? Broken, ruined windows that need to be replaced don’t simply increase your heating bills and interfere with the appearance of your house. They can cause issues with safety as well in various capacities. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind.

Did you know that inability to open or close windows is a safety hazard? If your windows get stuck closed, this can pose a serious risk to your family, especially small children, in the event of a fire. This can also pose serious risks in case of gas leaks or a multitude of other emergencies which require access to windows that open or close easily. A house window replacement is often recommended by fire officials in cases such as these. Your home and all of its contents is replaceable. Your family, however, is not.

Doors and windows are designed to keep intruders out and let those who belong in. If your windows and doors do not lock or close properly this could pose another safety hazard to you and your family. Doors and windows provide a barrier to intruders, if they function properly. However, if they do NOT function properly they provide an opportunity for intruders. It is important that you ensure that all of your doors and windows function in the way they were intended so that your family and belongings remain safe. If your locks and latches are not closing properly then it may be time to replace your windows.

Freezing and thawing can potentially negatively impact the structural integrity of glass in windows. This is particularly the case with single pane windows, which are exposed more directly to frost than dual pane windows. Single pane windows not only don’t hold in heat or cold air well during the hot summer months and the cold winter but they also are more susceptible to damage from outside elements.

House window replacement is also something to be considered if the windows in your home are not keeping the elements out. If your windows are leaking there is also a distinct possibility that they are causing structural issues to your home. Water seeping in around a leak in your windows can cause issues anywhere from electrical wiring to rotting drywall, to much, much more. Your home and even possibly the contents of your home could be severely damaged by a window that does not seal properly.