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Taking Care Of Your Shower Door

Once you have your dream shower door installed in your dream bathroom, you just need to take proper care of it to keep it looking new for as long as possible. When you purchase customer shower doors in Indianapolis IN, the company you purchase it from will usually go over what sort of maintenance may be necessary to take care of the different components of your door. It is important to take this information to heart. Getting it in print can help you refer to it later as well. Here are some tips for taking care of your shower door.

For doors that have hardware consisting of solid brass, cleanup is actually very simple. All you really need to do is wipe the brass dry after using the shower. Using a dry towel is really all that you need. If you do not think you can squeeze in the time to wipe down the brass after every use, then cleaning it once a weak with some mild soap and water should still help to fight off water spots and mineral deposits. You should not use any cleanser or scrubbers on the brass as this can damage it.

Customer shower doors in Indianapolis IN are made from aluminum, do not use any vinegar or vinegar products to clean off water spots. Bleach and cleaners with bleach in them can also damage aluminum. If you must use a cleanser on your aluminum, rinse it immediately after.

Glass shower doors are best kept clean by using a squeegee on them after every use. A surface protector can also help to repel water off of your glass door. You should still clean your glass regularly with a glass cleaner, but take care not to use anything that will damage the frame of the door. Leaving water spots untreated may allow mineral deposits to seep into the glass, causing irreparable damage.

Although you might think it, your glass shower door is not unbreakable. You should still take care not to hit your glass with hard or sharp thing. The edge of the glass in particular is where you should take care, as this may be the easiest place to break the door. Since your glass is made of tempered glass, if some sort of break should occur, it will cause the entire glass panel to instantly break into many small pieces. This is why avoiding any sort of possible damage to the glass is important.

Taking care of customer shower doors in Indianapolis IN will allow you to get enjoyment out of your door for years to come. Pay attention to the maintenance instructions of your particular door, and you should have little to no problems with it.