Pool Maintenance in Nassau County, NY for Winter Closing and Spring Reopening

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Swimming Pool

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Having an inground swimming pool in a cooler climate is just as enjoyable during the warm months as it is in places like southern Florida and southern Arizona, but the property owner must consider the extra maintenance involved. That’s because of the tasks involved with winterizing and closing the pool as the cold season approaches, along with reopening the pool in late spring. Companies that do Pool Maintenance in Nassau County NY can handle these tasks for swimming pool owners, making life easier for them and helping them avoid the feeling that owning a pool is a hassle.

Winter-preparation pool maintenance in Nassau County, NY doesn’t normally involve draining the water. Instead, technicians do tasks such as adding winter chemicals, removing all water from pipes, and disconnecting the pump, motor and filter. They cover the pool, and that cover will remain in place until it’s time to open the pool back up several months later. The cover is weighted down and firmly secured so there is no risk of it blowing off, even when winter winds howl across the land.

A company such as Sky Blue Pools is also ready to send technicians over in spring to uncover the pool and get it ready for summer fun. In some ways, they do their autumn tasks in reverse when spring arrives. They remove the cover and connect various pieces of equipment. They put back any ladders or other devices they had removed before closing. They check the water chemistry and add chlorine and other chemicals as necessary. Soon the family and their guests are ready to jump in the water and have a great time swimming, playing and socializing.

If the pool owner wants, the company can send technicians out on a routine basis to do regular maintenance. They clear organic debris from the pool and make sure the chemicals stay in balance. They note the first signs of algae growth and eliminate it promptly. They keep an eye out for any problems, such as the water level dropping and indicating a leak somewhere in the system. Check Out Skybluepools.net for pricing and further details.

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