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Options for Swimming Pool Refinishing in Fayette County

Nothing in your yard looks worse than a neglected pool. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to bring new life back into your old, forgotten pool. Here are numerous options for you to consider for swimming pool refinishing in Fayette County.

Updating the Fiberglass

Many homeowners prefer using fiberglass for their pool refurbishment because of how forgiving it is. Fiberglass is extremely flexible and moves with any shifts in the ground. Fiberglass can be added to any pool. The best perk to using fiberglass is that it’s the most durable option and is less prone to stains.

Replacing the Plaster

If you are looking for the most affordable option for your pool makeover, plaster is the way to go. The makeover process involves chipping or sandblasting away the old coat of plaster without harming the concrete. Then a type of bond coat is applied to the concrete before one or two coats of the new plaster are applied.

Other Refinishing Options

Two other options for swimming pool refinishing in Fayette County are tiling and painting. Retiling your swimming pool is the same concept as laying tile inside the home. A base coat is laid down, tiles are put on top of it, and then grout is applied. It is a pricey option but looks amazing in the end.

Painting your pool is another way to make it look nice. This option will only work if the concrete or fiberglass is in good shape, though. The old paint must be sandblasted off before a new coat is applied. Epoxy paint is the most durable, but acrylic or rubber-based paints will also work.

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