You May Want To Do The Work Yourself But Explore Landscape Design In Scottsdale On How To Implement

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Swimming Pool

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They say in real estate that curb appeal is the most important aspect when showing a home. Imagine driving up to a beautiful neighborhood and the home you are considering buying is the only one on the block that needs a ton of work. While this may be a great investment opportunity for those that like to work with a fixer-upper, that is not the typical buyer in this market. If you are considering selling your home and have not put in the recommended 10% of the value of your home into your yard, you may want to Explore Landscape Design in Scottsdale.

Unfortunately, if you are trying to sell your property within the next few months you may have missed out on the opportunity to invest in the long-term wellness of your yard at a fraction of the price. If your home is within the median household of the country at $200,000 that means you need to invest $20,000 to get your yard the way a buyer will be interested in it. As a seller however, no agent is going to recommend putting that type of money into a home you are trying to sell. At this stage it may be necessary to look for Creative Environments to give your yard a quick lift.

In the dry desert you have no doubt seen a wonderful display of landscaping rocks that are relatively inexpensive to add to a design and immediately add value to a home. If you are willing to do the labor yourself most rock quarries where you can purchase landscaping rocks from will deliver the materials at a small charge if not for free. Consider and Explore Landscape Design in Scottsdale to give you design that you can implement yourself.

You may be tempted to forgo the designer but unless you have extensive knowledge about landscaping this is not recommended. A designer for a relatively inexpensive charge can tell you what simple plants and flowers will survive not only in your climate but also in your soil. In addition they can put together a small garden area which reinvents your yard and then adding the landscaping rocks that are easy to maintain during your selling period.

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