Needle Guns: Effective Tools Against Rust

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Business

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Through the years, needle guns have been used widely throughout the construction industry, but also in tasks related to home improvement and car repair. Keep reading to learn why they work so well, and what manufacturers have done to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Needle Guns Have Ties to the Navy

When a member of the U.S. Navy needs to clean the surface of a ship, he or she might use one of these products to help. The tool has tiny chisels that rotate at high speeds. As a result, it can quickly tackle corrosion from saltwater, as well as layers of old paint. Perhaps one of the reasons why the Navy likes to use these tools is because they’re very efficient. Each is fitted with a piston that moves back and forth several thousand times per second, automatically adjusting to the curves of a surface.

Available Features for Needle Guns

After the tools gained prominence through naval uses, power tool manufacturers took notice and began designing them to suit particular preferences. Many are powered by compressed air, but it’s also possible to find electric models from specialty retailers.

Regardless of whether one uses air or electricity to function, it’ll generally only weigh a few pounds. That means it’s a great option if someone needs to focus on resurfacing a large area but doesn’t want to get fatigued too quickly.

Things to Think About When Making a Purchase

You’ll likely notice a significant range of prices for these appliances. The expense often becomes greater depending on the number of needles and the average operating speed. If you’re trying to remove rust from metal on a small part of your automobile, it’ll probably be sufficient to just buy a lower end model. However, if your task requires resurfacing a large amount of metal, such as material that’s attached to the side of a building, it’s much wiser to buy industrial-strength needle guns. They’ll be able to withstand the demands of jobs that might not be completed for several hours or days.

When you’re dealing with heavily rusted surfaces, reach for these specialized items and expect thorough results. You’ll find they’re easy to use and very effective, even if you’re not yet accustomed to using them around your job site or home.

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