Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Live Chat Operators

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Telecommunications

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Customer service is an integral part of almost every business, but treating clients well is both an art and a science. When your company gets to the point where it’s no longer practical to handle customer needs by relying on an in-house team, think about working with a company that provides live chat operators to take care of those responsibilities on your behalf. Read below to learn a few things to think about while evaluating your options.

Support for Multiple Languages

Although your company may primarily interact with customers who speak one language, such as English or Spanish, don’t overlook the possibility that you might eventually need customer service team members who are multilingual, especially if you’re even casually thinking about expanding into international markets.

When discussing the need to work with live chat operators, be sure to ask how much it would cost to hire people who’re fluent in particular languages. Doing that will allow you to maintain a customer-centric mindset, especially since there’s nothing more frustrating than needing help and encountering a language barrier, especially if the assistance is given via text on a screen rather than a phone conversation.

Training for Live Chat Operators

Find out what kind of training each operator gets in terms of understanding how to operate job-specific equipment or tools such as call tracking logs, headsets, and online interfaces. It’s also a good idea to ask whether you could play a role in making sure the team is well trained in aspects that concern your company or service.

If you previously handled customer service concerns before deciding to outsource, that’ll make it easy to give helpful advice about how to tackle the most common questions and provide useful resolutions.

Measurable Experience

Customer service can be a tricky industry, and the people who do well in it usually possess certain characteristics like patience, a friendly attitude, and ability to cope well under pressure. Most of these traits can be developed through work experience, so it’s smart to hire live chat operators from a company that’s well established. is a website that has been providing outsourced contact center services for more than a decade, and they’ve built their business on by excelling in the areas discussed above. Whether you work with them or another provider, it’s essential to choose your customer service representatives carefully. Those individuals play important roles in your company’s success.

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