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How to Overcome Financial Challenges Without Sacrificing Essentials in WI

Have you been living in the state of Wisconsin for months and have found yourself to be extremely overwhelmed by all the struggles you are experiencing since moving to the state? If so, then you are probably wondering how you can survive as the cost of food and rent are already taking a significant amount away from your paycheck.

LIHEAP, SNAP, TANF, and Other Programs

Believe it or not, there are several programs that can help support low-income individuals and families. LIHEAP or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a government assistance program that may help with costs associated with heating and cooling your home. SNAP and TANF may also help you gain access to assistance when it comes to sustenance. Eligibility and benefits for these types of government assistance programs are commonly determined by household size and income based on Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Free Cell phone and Discounted Monthly Services

Maybe you have applied and are now receiving benefits from one or more government assistance programs. Guess what? Participating in these programs can also help you become eligible for a free cell phone with discounted talk, text messaging, and mobile data services. How? The Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity programs can provide these benefits to you and your family by simply applying.

Where and How

Perhaps you are thrilled that you may be eligible for these programs and are curious to learn where and how to get free phones online in Wisconsin. Visit Safetynetwireless.com. You can immediately apply for these cost-saving benefits through the website. You will also find information on eligibility requirements and other convenient features. Visit the website to apply for free phones online in Wisconsin right away at https://safetynetwireless.com today.