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Always Have Reliable Information Using Quality Data Cabling in San Marcos

Operating a business can require a lot of crucial information, especially in this age of computer systems and electronic currency. However, electronic data usually needs to be distributed to several computers that are networked, and this requires reliable data cabling in San Marcos. Poor cabling can cause several problems from complete data loss to corrupted data. The latter can occur if the cables are improperly placed. That is, the cables can be influenced by external sources such as the magnetic fields produced by electrical wires or high-voltage systems.

There are several ways to prevent data corruption from external sources, and the type that gets used will depend on the function of the cabling. For example, video signals often work best when distributed through coaxial cables. This is mostly because of the design of the cable. Coaxial cable uses a single wire with a heavy insulator and a mesh or foil shield. The shield prevents the interference of external signals while the solid wire provides excellent continuity for the signal being delivered.

Of course, the most critical need for data cabling in San Marcos is networking data systems, and modern networks typically use a cable known as UTP (unshielded twisted pair) or one called STP (shielded twisted pair). Twisted pair wires provide a smooth signal, and most networks use the UTP version. However, as network speeds increase and the amount of data they carry grows there is a need for higher bandwidths. This is the area where fiber optic cabling fits in.

Fiber optics use light signals to carry data. This is possible because the light is transported through a glass or plastic medium. Unfortunately, fiber optic cabling can be difficult to handle. Installing this data delivery system will require custom installation techniques and a bit of specialized training. As the technology improves, there will be advances that reduce the problems involved with fiber optics, and this can greatly enhance network speeds.

One thing to consider with any network or data system is maintenance and repairs. A poor repair can easily reduce the signal quality, and this could result in data corruption. Voice and video may not be a badly damaged, but critical information such as customer accounts or order details require data reliability. Contact the experts at Southern Cal Telecom Inc. to learn more.

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