How to Find a Great Pet Sitter Dec21


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How to Find a Great Pet Sitter

Pets are generally less stressed when they are allowed to remain in familiar surroundings rather than being shipped to a boarding kennel. Some pets like fish jest cannot be moved from the home. Pet Sitting Elkhorn NE professionals are a great alternative to boarding or hoping that your neighbor will remember to take care of your beloved pets while you are away.

Check Out the NAPPS Website

The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters is a non-profit organization for pit sitters. The NAPPS website offers an easy to use pet sitter locator. Although pet sitters do not have to join NAPPS, doing so shows a level of commitment to their chosen profession.

Check for Insurance

If the pet-sitter accidentally breaks or damages anything on your home while you are away, you want to be sure that the sitter will pay for it. You will also want compensation if the sitter steals anything from your home. Only work with licensed and bonded pet sitters or pet sitting companies.

Interview the Sitter

Have a face to face interview with the sitter. Make sure he or she knows what is involved. Some sitters are okay with birds and mammals but refuse to care for reptiles, amphibians or arachnids. Watch the sitter interact with your pet. If your pet clearly is unhappy with the sitter, find someone else.

Do a Background Check

It’s a sad fact that people cannot be trusted. Pets are worth money and unscrupulous people will have no qualms about selling your pets while you are away. Get the name of your pet sitter and do backgrounds check on the Internet.

Ask for References

Good pet sitters will be happy to provide you with a list of references. You should look for at least three references listed. Contact these people to be sure the references are genuine.

Leave Your Contact Information

Even if you are going on vacation to the middle of nowhere, you still need to let your sitter know how he or she can reach you should an emergency arises. Leave an itinerary of your trip which includes phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses and emails. Keep a mobile with you.

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