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Involved in Family Court Turmoil? Contact a Child Custody Attorney in Frederick

Very seldom does a divorce proceed without a lot of turmoil. Divorce changes both parties and a child’s life in a significant way. When children are involved, determination of who the child will live with can be highly contested. With the help of a child custody attorney in Frederick, a parent will receive the best outcome possible for their case.

An attorney will help a parent through the difficult process of determining the child’s best interest. The court is very clear about their best interest of a child standard and will not deviate from it.

Best Interest of a Child

A parent involved in a custody dispute will hear this term repeatedly. The court does not care about the baggage the parents are carrying around from their failed marriage. The court is only concerned about which parent will foster a loving relationship with the child.

The court will also consider the closeness of the parents’ homes, the child’s preference, the fitness of the parents, willingness to share custody, and the ability to stabilize a child’s school and social life. Depending on age, the child could influence the final determination of where they will live.

The Mother Always Gets Custody

The mother does not always get custody of a child. Both parents are presumed natural custodians of their child. If there is a history of criminal activity or addiction problems, the court will take that into consideration.

Types of Custody

There are several types of custody, including temporary, legal and physical, sole, split, and joint. Legal custody involves the right of a parent to make decisions regarding the child’s life. Physical custody involves a parent spending time with their child. Sole custody could be granted to one parent.

Joint legal custody is an order, including both parents having input about a child’s upbringing and care. The various types of custody can be very confusing, and a parent should always contact a child custody attorney in Frederick to help them through their case.

If you’re involved in a divorce or child custody or child support legal case, contact an attorney. Visit us for more information.

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