Experience Freedom And Happiness With Idea Online Prepaid Recharge

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Telecommunications

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“An idea can change your life”. Well, the statement is certainly true but doesn’t it sound familiar? One of the major telecom service providers has made the best use of this quote by using it in their promotions. The promotions were such an eye-opener that the quote has now become synonymous to the brand. Its popularity is such that search engines like Google show the brands’ website as its first result, when searched for the quote. Idea is a popular telecom brand that has created a bond with millions of people in the Indian society by addressing social issues. While the brand introduced itself to the market with some entertaining promotions and advertisements, the one thing that has significantly helped in its survival and growth is the ‘Idea online prepaid recharge’ service that the brand recently introduced.

At a time, when users had to personally visit the shops and recharge their phones, Idea introduced a new, easy-to-use service for its users – the ‘Idea online prepaid recharge’. This allowed the customers to recharge their mobiles instantly through their smartphones. Online mobile recharge system is not new. It’s been there for some years. But many telecom service providers tie up with third parties to make their customers avail this service. Not just individuals, but companies, banks, schools, e-commerce websites, etc. in both public and private sectors use the online medium to make payments in general.

Idea being a mobile network service provider offers its customers multiple offline and online recharge options. While the offline recharge voucher system wastes energy, time, resources and requires manual assistance to recharge, the online method is simple, convenient, less time consuming and safe. The recharge vouchers start from 10 INR onwards. High speed mobile internet is one of the main features that attract customers. Idea offers exciting plans that are pocket friendly to the customers. It offers data plans at nominal rates and offers customized plans for those who have a tendency to use the internet excessively. Many opt Idea online prepaid recharge over postpaid plans for its convenience.

As most of us are equipped with smartphones, Idea and many third party software developers have created apps that allow the users to recharge their phones as per their convenience. This has given users the freedom to enjoy the services, as they can easily top up their mobile phones in small denominations, without pinching their pockets. While prepaid options had its own set of disadvantages initially, the new online prepaid recharge method has won the hearts of the masses. They can now modify their existing plan and try new services, without feeling the threat of higher bills. As the prepaid option is so friendly and exciting with greater discounts, users now opt for Idea online prepaid recharge plan overthrowing their counterpart the postpaid plan.

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