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When to Consider Windshield Replacement in Katy TX

Out of the blue, something hits the windshield while you’re driving. It cracks the glass upon impact. If it was a small chip, the glass could be repaired, but if it’s quite large, it may require windshield replacement in Katy TX.

Repair or Replace

When a vehicle’s windshield is struck by a piece of debris, a rock or even hail, the glass may incur a chip from the impact. Most minor chips and small cracks can be repaired depending on where they are located on the windshield. However, if a chip is in the driver’s line of sight, or if the glass has a large crack or multiple small ones in the same area, it may be time for a new windshield.

Repairing a Windshield

When making the decision to repair a windshield, it should be done as soon as possible. Ignoring the ding can cause the problem to grow, which could lead to a more costly repair, or the need for a total replacement. A repair is a relatively simple procedure which uses a resin material to fill in the chip. Since repairing the glass is far less expensive than replacing the entire windshield, most insurance companies will pay for the repair with little or no out-of-pocket expense for the policy holder.

Windshield Replacement

A windshield that has suffered severe damage should be replaced. If the glass is chipped or cracked in the driver’s line of sight, the windshield by law cannot be repaired. A repair spot will never be totally clear, so it could distort the driver’s vision when attempting to look through it. Age is another factor to consider, since older glass that sustains damage, or cracks that are located around the corners of a windshield, can compromise a windshield’s overall strength. When there are more than 3 chips in a windshield, severe pitting all over, or if the crack is larger than the size of a one dollar bill, then one should consider windshield replacement in Katy TX.

When a windshield becomes the victim of that stray rock or unforeseen object that leaves an impact, the resulting chip or crack should be checked out right away. Timely intervention can save money if the ding is repairable. For more information regarding auto windshield repairs and replacement, please visit Lonestarglass.com.

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