3 Questions to Ask a Mediation Lawyer in Temecula Jul10


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3 Questions to Ask a Mediation Lawyer in Temecula

There are times when individuals can work out their differences amicably, without needing to involve anyone else. But there are also times when it seems that any resolution that will work for both parties will never be reached. In certain situations, mediation is an option before heading into court. To get the most benefit from the experience, it’s important to have a mediation lawyer in Temecula serve as a representative, even though the case may never reach the courts. During the initial consultation, there are several questions to ask to have a clearer understanding of the experience and the role the lawyer will play.

How Is Mediation Different from a Court Case?

Instead of meeting with a judge to work things out, a mediator works with both groups to try and resolve the dispute. The goal is to try and solve the problem before things escalate. While there are some general things that all mediations will have in common, each case is different and may go through different steps to reach a solution. It’s important to learn the specifics of your case and how mediation will play out for you.

What Are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation isn’t always the best option. So be sure and talk to the mediation lawyer in Temecula about why this might be a good idea for you. It’s important to understand exactly why this is the route that the lawyer is going to take and clients are often more likely to be comfortable and helpful if they understand what they are doing and why. For example, mediation can be beneficial in a divorce case to prevent the kids from needing to come to court or be stuck in a long and extended struggle.

What Will Mediation Cost?

Despite the benefits, there is still a cost associated with mediation. If a lawyer is going to be representing your best interests during the experience, they need to be compensated. So don’t be afraid to ask about the cost. However, it’s important to note that mediation may be a money saver because a situation can be worked out in less time and require less paperwork. If you’re interested in mediation, call the Law Office of Michelle Penna or visit the website.

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