A Child Birth Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT Will Help Parents Get the Compensation They Deserve Jul09


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A Child Birth Injury Lawyer in Norwich, CT Will Help Parents Get the Compensation They Deserve

Childbirth is a natural process. The main roles of nurses, doctors and midwives during labor and delivery are to determine when problems arise and prevent birth injuries. However, medical professionals may commit malpractice, and it happens more than most people want to believe. Here, potential clients will learn more about these claims and how a child birth injury lawyer in Norwich, CT can help them get the compensation they need.

Why Birth Injuries Happen

Providers of obstetrical care should be able to see when babies are at risk of injury, and there are numerous ways to detect problems. Birth injuries may occur when a provider doesn’t use their tools properly or they miss warning signs. Some of the most common reasons for lawsuits are:

  • Failure to detect problems with the baby’s position, the umbilical cord, or the placenta
  • Failure to identify preeclampsia (the mother’s high blood pressure), gestational diabetes, and other issues that affect babies’ health
  • Not performing a C-section in a timely fashion
  • Using forceps or a vacuum device improperly
  • Administering medications at unsafe levels

The risk of birth injuries increases when nurses and midwives oversee labor and delivery. If problems arise and a doctor must be called in, that delay may cause permanent harm.

Pursuing a Claim

Even a slight error in delivery may lead to lifetime impairment. In some instances, injuries may not be apparent until babies are old enough to exhibit signs of delayed physical or intellectual development. If a parent suspects a birth injury, they should consult an experienced child birth injury lawyer in Norwich, CT who can review the case’s facts.

How Long Parents Have to File a Lawsuit

All legal remedies, including compensation for malpractice, have a specific period during which a lawsuit must be initiated. Known as the statute of limitations, it is typically three years from the date the malpractice occurred. However, the period may be prolonged if the mother continues to receive treatment from the negligent provider.

Get Help from a Local Attorney

Birth injury claims are highly complex. Intricate procedures, professional judgment, and the expected effects of these injuries all factor into the compensation a family may receive. Browse the website for more details or call Stephen M. Reck today to schedule a consultation.

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