Important Information on Radon System Maintenance in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Environment

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Radon is an odorless gas that can be deadly when it fills a home. This gas is being constantly released by rocks and soil. Unfortunately, the pressure in a home can often pull radon gases in. When these gases build up in large concentrations, homeowners need to ensure they seek radon mitigation. A mitigation system can help to remove radon gases so the occupants of a home are protected from the dangers this gas can bring. Through Radon System Maintenance Pittsburgh PA, the system will continue to work properly and remove the gases so they do not cause health concerns.

There are several types of systems that can be put in place to ensure radon gas is removed. One of the options is a vacuum system. This pulls the radon gas from the home so it is released into safe areas that do not affect the occupants of the home. This system is installed in the crawlspace to ensure the radon is pulled from the air before it enters the home.

There are also options for vents that can be put in place to pull the radon gas from the air. The method a home needs will be determined by the building’s size and by the amount of radon levels in the home. No matter what system is put in place, it will require regular Radon System Maintenance Pittsburgh PA to ensure it is working properly and protecting the home.

A radon mitigation company can provide Radon System Maintenance Pittsburgh PA as often as needed. These maintenance services should be carried out every six months so the pipes and vents are kept clean and open to reduce the amount of radon gas in the home. This maintenance also includes air testing to ensure the radon is being filtered properly.

If you are in need of services for Radon System Maintenance Pittsburgh PA, visit This site is full of information on the services they offer so homeowners can make a wise decision on whether or not radon mitigation will be beneficial for their home. Call them today and schedule your appointment for testing and mitigation.

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