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Attorneys of Criminal Defense in Reading, PA Explain “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

When people of think of someone needing a criminal defense lawyer, what comes to mind is a lawyer for someone who has committed murder, rape, arson or some other grave felony. Rarely do they think of themselves as actually needing the same type of lawyer. If you are in Pennsylvania, a group of lawyers are available for Criminal Defense in Reading, PA. Ebner, Nevins and McAllister, Attorneys at Law have taken on lots of criminal, child custody and DUI cases successfully in the Berks County courts in Reading, Pennsylvania. In order to ensure your rights, they want to tell you about a familiar phrase, “innocent until proven guilty.”

The phrase “innocent until proven guilty” comes from the Latin term, “Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat” and is really a misnomer. The idea is that the government has the burden to show guilt, and the defendant is relieved of all burden to prove his or her innocence. Don’t rest easy yet. If it was that simple, you would not need a lawyer. The U.S. Supreme Court states the presumption of a defendant’s innocence is rather indulged in the absence of proof otherwise. That in itself does not constitute proof of the defendant’s innocence and does not suggest a favorable rule in the direction of the defendant. Loosely, this means even though you are theoretically “innocent until proven guilty,” it is in your best interest to prove so. You need the assistance, counsel and representation of an attorney.

In Pennsylvania, you can secure an attorney for Criminal Defense in Reading, PA with Ebner, Nevins and McAllister, Attorneys at Law. Each attorney at the law firm “cut their legal teeth” fighting for the rights in indigent criminal cases in the office of the Berks County Public Defenders. Regardless of whether you have been falsely accused or have simply made an error in judgment, they will fight for every right that belongs to you. Overall, they have defended thousands of criminal cases all over Pennsylvania, including Berks County. The law firm also practices in the areas of child custody, DUI, civil litigation and divorce. For an attorney to represent your Criminal Defense in Reading, PA, call on the law firm of Ebner, Nevins and McAllister, Attorneys at Law at their location, or you can visit their website for more information,