Why Homeowners with Tile Roofs in Fort Lauderdale Should Have Them Inspected

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Roofing

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Many homes have tile roofs. Although these roofs can be very sturdy and work well, they can also pose a threat should they ever experience problems. This is why homeowners with Tile Roofs in Fort Lauderdale should have them inspected.

Ensure All Tiles are in Place : The tiles on a roof can easily become loose, especially if damage has occurred or bad weather has developed. An inspection will allow the roofer to find any tiles out of place. If loose tiles are detected during the inspection, they will work to put them back how they should go. If the tiles are completely missing or destroyed, new ones will need to take their places. Either way, they can replace the tiles and get the roof back to its former condition easily.

Check for Damages : Strong winds and other weather conditions can often cause significant damage to a roof. There is often no way to tell just how much damage was done unless a roofer gets up there to check. An inspection will ensure this gets done. They will look around the entire roof to check for damages. If anything is found, they will let the homeowner know just how bad it is. They can then decide if they would like to attempt to fix it themselves, or let the roofer, who already knows where the damages are and what needs to be done, do the work.

Catch Leaks Before They Spread : Even a tiny hole in the roof can lead to a major leak in the house. This can spell disaster for a number of reasons. First, the water can get things wet that shouldn’t be. It could run onto electrical appliances or outlets, causing electrocution. It can seep into the floors, causing water damage to the floor boards. It can even cause mildew to grow. In order to prevent these things from happening, an inspection will need to be performed. The roofer can catch any holes and ensure no water hasn’t gotten through. This will help them catch leaks before they spread and cause significant damage to the home and danger to the homeowners.

tile roofs in Fort Lauderdale can make an excellent addition to the home, but only if they are properly maintained. Regular inspections should be performed by a certified roofer to ensure no damages have taken place, all tiles are in place, and no leaks have started.

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