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Attending Mediation With Your Family Law Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK

A family law attorney Oklahoma City, OK helps you through difficult circumstances. Among these circumstances are divorce, child custody cases, and proving a parent unfit to raise their child. With this attorney you present evidence that assist you with your case. For instance, if you are involved in a divorce case in which the grounds are infidelity, it is necessary for you to provide evidence to the court to support this claim. If your spouse refuses to agree to the divorce or contests the divorce agreement, you will in most cases go to trial. When this occurs, the lack of evidence could work against you in terms of the outcome.

Is Mediation Necessary?

If your spouse refuses to agree with the terms of the divorce, your attorney may schedule mediation to settle any grievances that exist. In this process, you and your spouse will review each term of the divorce in an attempt to come into an agreement. You will discuss everything from property division to child custody. However, if mediation fails you are required to attend a divorce trial.

Local Family Attorney

Attorney Erbar Maria Tully provides you with assistance in cases related to family law. This attorney will fight for you within divorce, child custody, and cases related to temporary or permanent custody of a child who is at risk. She will present you with a full evaluation of your claim to assist you in proceeding. If you are filing for divorce, she will secure your interests through an effective divorce agreement and negotiate with your spouse’s legal counsel to settle your case amicably. To learn more about these legal services, contact this attorney locally or visit her website.


If you are filing for a divorce you will need a family law attorney Oklahoma City, OK. This attorney will protect your interests throughout your case by attempting to reach an agreement with your spouse. Your attorney prepares all of your divorce documentation and serves your spouse with the papers based on local divorce laws and requirements. Whenever possible, your attorney will attempt to settle your divorce case out of court. When this is not possible your attorney will attempt mediation to resolve your marriage.