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Wisconsin Axles: Tips For Maintaining A Trailer

Perhaps you have spent a great deal of cash preparing your boat for the summer and spring boating season. However, have you prepared your trailer? Bear in mind that if you fail to get to the launch point, or fail to return, your outing would not be as exciting as you would have wanted it to be. You can avoid a breakdown, prevent a devastating wreck, or save thousands of dollars by performing preventive maintenance now. It is very risky when a wheel detaches from a trailer at highway speeds. Wheel bearings are among the items that require constant maintenance on trailers. Seized bearings might cause hubs, tires, wheels, and Wisconsin axles to fail.

It is recommended that you disassemble your trailer hubs, inspect as well as clean the bearings. You can utilize a parts washer plus solvent of kerosene, gasoline, or mineral spirits, and be sure to take standard safety measures. Check carefully for noticeable signs of wearing, oxidation or heat discoloration, pitting or gouges. Ensure that needle bearings are smooth to the touch. In addition, clean the hub covering thoroughly and examine the races within the hub. Make sure that they are smooth and have no marks, pitting or grooves.

Any suspect races and bearings should be replaced and after each inspection, be sure to replace the hub seal. Double lip seals should be used for boat trailers which are immersed within water. These are usually spring loaded so as to maintain the seal tension as well as prevent water getting into hub. Before repacking the hubs and bearings with fresh grease and re-assemble, examine the axle, mountain brackets, springs, fittings and brakes. Search for scale rust within the in u-bolts, leaf springs, and Wisconsin axles. Outdoor storage and saltwater can corrode metal components to the extent of imminent failure.

Make sure that there no bent or broken components and replace as required. Examine the axle stub to ensure that it is smooth and devoid of grooves, wear or pitting. The seal should fit firmly on the axle for it to be effective. You can find beneficial resources at Business Name as well as new automotive and trailer parts like boat trailer components.