Drainage Issues: A Symptom of a Larger Problem?

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Many of us have been frustrated when water will not smoothly flow down a drain or a toilet occasionally backs up. Normally, these issues can be solved with the use of a plunger and a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner. However, there are other instances when it is best to call a plumber. These can include but are not limited to an incessant smell of sewage near a drain and chronically backed up pipe. However, there are times when issues may not be as simple as pouring a few cups of drain cleaner into a sink and “hoping for the best”. Services that offer drain cleaning in New Canaan, CT and surrounding areas will often have to diagnose a problem before they can establish a solution. So, how is this accomplished?

Modern Tools

First and foremost, it is not uncommon for a professional plumbing service to combine old-school “know-how” with 21st century technology. Some specialists will use fiber-optic cables to literally “see” inside of a pipe or drainage system. This is important, for there are many reasons why a drain may become clogged. A few of these can include:

  • Narrow piping that cannot accommodate an increased flow of water
  • Tree roots that have entered the pipe itself
  • Bends in the pipe that are impeding drainage
  • Frozen pipes
  • An accumulation of hard water deposits

Once the cause has been determined, an effective solution can be employed. Frequently, a plumber will make use of a router to clean the pipe and free it from any such debris. Drain cleaning in New Canaan, CT and other locations will use industrial-strength routers and in more cases than not, the problem can be solved in a matter of minutes. Still, it is important to make certain that the pipes are intact; otherwise, a replacement may be warranted.

Proven Solutions

It should come as no surprise that there are a great number of plumbing service that cater to both residential and commercial properties throughout Connecticut. However, it is best to rely on those with proven experience and that will boast a great deal of expertise in their field. Thanks to the power of the Internet, specialists in drain cleaning in New Canaan, CT and other areas can be found quickly and easily. This will help address a small issue before it becomes a costly problem.

Drain cleaning in New Canaan, CT and surrounding towns can be a challenging process.

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