Wisdom Teeth Concerns Addressed by dentists in Southaven, MS

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Dentistry

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You may have looked in the mirror and realized it is time to get your teeth cleaned. You might couldn’t sleep last night because of an aggravating toothache that you know is only going to get worse without some right away dental care. You could be suffering from a gum disease and in need of some dental treatment. Whatever your dental concerns are, if you are in Mississippi, Bruce A. Denney DDS, one of the dentists in Southaven, MS is here to meet your needs. He wants to tell you about one dental issue commonly addressed in family dentistry, wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth, so called because they are the last teeth to emerge, usually between the ages of 16 and 20 have been the source of common tooth woes for many people. Because wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come in, there is sometimes not enough room to accommodate them, leading to impacted teeth that are trapped under the gum tissue by other teeth or bone. Wisdom teeth oftentimes come in crooked or partially emerge and can lead to painful crowding or disease. Teeth that come in before the age of 20 have less root depth and fewer complications, so the American Dental Association recommends that these teeth be examined to see if they need to be removed before becoming a major issue in your mouth.

Bruce A. Denney, DDS Family Dentistry is committed to addressing these needs of yours as well as the other services they offer, which include: cosmetic dentistry such as teeth bonding, cosmetic fillings, crowns and bridges, implants and veneers, and family dentistry such as fillings, root canals, preventive and restorative dental care, emergency dental care, and regular checkup and cleanings. For over 23 years, Bruce A. Denney has been providing quality dental care. He serves all of northern Mississippi and Memphis. He also offers sedation dentistry which is a way to ease some of the anxiety patients often feel when they visit the dentist. Options range from mild sedation where you are aware of what is going on to the deeper sedation in which you are almost unaware of what is going on with your treatment. For one of the dentists in Southaven, MS to treat you, call on Bruce A. Denney, DDS Family Dentistry or visit the following website for more information, Dentistsouthaven.net.

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