Why Crystalline Window Tint Is So Popular for Car Windows

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Film and Tinting

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Automobile window tint provides many benefits, and buyers have a number of options to choose from when selecting the right tint for their needs. Crystalline window tint has become one of the most used materials for car window tints; here are a few reasons why.

Heat Reduction

Cars can heat up quickly, and sunlight can make steering wheels, seat belts, and other components too hot to touch. The crystalline tint is among the best at reducing heat, and it can reduce heat buildup in a car by up to 60 percent. This reduction is especially great for cars kept uncovered for extended periods of time, and it can help keep interior components for degrading.

Protection Against UV Rays

Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause sunburns, and various skin cancers correlate highly with exposure to ultraviolet rays. Although car windows typically block some ultraviolet rays, they don’t provide the same robust protection as window tints. Crystalline window tint blocks up to 97 percent of UV rays in cars, making it a top choice.

Metal-Free Design

Metallic components are used in certain window tints. Unfortunately, metal can interfere with various electronics, including the GPS systems, radios, and even smartphones. The 200-layer design of crystalline window tint contains no metal, so it won’t cause disruptions. Furthermore, the lack of metal means it won’t bubble or fade over time.

Motivations for using window tint vary, but the protection it provides to a car’s interior, and its occupants are well worth the relatively low cost. Furthermore, window tint has aesthetic appeal, and some drivers enjoy the sense of privacy it provides. There are other types of window tint to consider, but the crystalline tint is popular for good reasons.

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