Where Can You Find Laser Hair Removal in Longmont? Nov23


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Where Can You Find Laser Hair Removal in Longmont?

If there is one chore that many people do not enjoy when it comes to bodily maintenance, it is hair removal. Whether you personally choose to shave with an electric razor, choose to wax your skin, or a combination of whatever is more readily available at a given time, chances are you agree that this form of body maintenance can be the most tedious.

With that being said, you may have an interest in laser hair removal in Longmont, which offers a more permanent solution to this problem.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal works by using laser energy targeted directly at the hair follicles underneath your skin in the targeted area. When the treatment is applied, the laser energy essentially “deactivates” the hair follicle, causing it to cease hair production.

Once this occurs, the hair from that follicle will rapidly thin, fade, and eventually fall out. The treatment lasts years, with most people finding that it lasts at least two years at a time.

Do You Have to Prepare?

As laser hair removal in Longmont is a process that you undergo at an equipped studio or clinic, you may be worried about any preparations that you have to make in order for the process to go as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, laser hair removal is as popular as it is because you don’t need to do much to prepare your skin for it.

A technician from the hair removal studio, such as J Marie Skin Studio, will provide instructions that involve not shaving, waxing, plucking, or tanning your skin for the six weeks before the appointment. Ideally, you will want to shave no more than 24 hours before your appointment, as this will reduce any possible irritation from the hair removal.

Additionally, before you leave for the appointment, you should shower and thoroughly clean the area of your body that will be shaved, without using lotion, sunscreen, or moisturizer.