When Should You Go for Commercial AC Repair in Lake Charles?

After a long and hot summer, the arrival of autumn brings cooler weather, creating the perfect opportunity to give your air conditioning a break. An experienced technician can check it out for any problems that may have developed over the summer.

Since commercial ACs are different from residential systems, HVAC technicians are needed to inspect the AC and repair it. To permanently resolve the problem, you should keep a check for warning signs and then opt for commercial AC repair in Lake Charles.

Unusual Noises

The air conditioner may be making strange noises when it needs to be repaired. If it is making any noise other than the whirring sound created by the condenser fan, it has developed a problem. This could be due to loose components such as a broken belt or it could be due to dust blockage. Either way, you’ll have to look for commercial AC repair in Lake Charles to get it checked.

Leaking of Fluid

If you notice fluid leaking out of your condenser, you need an air conditioner repair. This fluid is known as refrigerant, and it is absolutely necessary to the air conditioner’s operation. If it leaks, the air conditioner will eventually stop producing cold air. The leakage could be due to a punctured refrigerant line or it could be damaged due to the branch/rock. In any case, go for AC repair service right away.

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