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When Should You Have Your Wedding Hair Trial?

Here’s the thing about wedding hair trials…there is no perfect time on a “general” basis. Instead, a good bridal hair stylist is going to tell their bride to wait until they know just where and when the wedding is to occur. After all, a classic ballroom “do” is not going to work in a windy beachside setting. So, to start to effectively answer that question posed in the title – wait to book the trial with your bridal hair stylist until the venue and the season or time of year is locked down.

Because you are considering working with a bridal hair stylist in the Jacksonville area, the season may not be as crucial, but still, you don’t want to be upset that your gorgeous loose style faded and wilted in the August humidity, so just keep seasonality and setting as your key factors.

Next, you need to be clear on the dress you are wearing. Again, you don’t want to start considering things like headpieces and veils only to realize that they don’t work at all with the style of the dress. You can work with your bridal hair stylist if you have a general idea of the dress (i.e. off the shoulder, an empire in chiffon or high-necked lace number, etc.), but you may want to wait until that to is locked in and the dress actually being made.

That makes it far easier for the two of you to try out accessories and jewelry as well as the veil or headpiece options and the various hair styles.

And just when in the whole pre-wedding schedule should that hair trial occur? If you talk to the experts at Brides magazine, they advise that any bride pace themselves and “Schedule your hair trial three months before the wedding…If you book it too early in the planning process, changing trends or chronic indecision could lead to second-guessing.”

Keep in mind that you also want to book it in conjunction with a day or night of activity. Why? You absolutely need to feel how that style works with the sort of activities you intend to do on your big day. Can you jump around and dance without losing a bit of bounce and style? Does it make it through an hour and then falter? Use the trial to determine if your style suffices.

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