3 Things a Criminal Attorney in Salisbury, MD Will Look For in a Case Mar09


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3 Things a Criminal Attorney in Salisbury, MD Will Look For in a Case

A criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD is going to do as much as possible to ensure the rights of their client is upheld so the person receives a fair chance in court. This often means the attorney will try to help the person avoid a conviction if possible. When an attorney first sees a case, there are three things they’re going to look for before they begin working on the case.

Evidence Against the Arrested Person

The attorney will want to know what evidence suggests that the arrested person committed a crime. Depending on the crime, this could be anything from physical evidence found at the scene of the crime to a witness statement of someone who saw the crime occur. Some cases will have a lot of evidence for the attorney to look through, while, in other situations, there may only be a little bit of evidence potentially tying the person to the crime.

Witness Statements

Witness statements will need to be carefully reviewed by the attorney, so this is definitely something they’ll look for when working on a case. They’ll want to know what the witness claims to have seen and why it’s important for the case. They’ll also look into whether the witness’s statement can be dismissed for any reason. One common reason is hearsay. That is, the witness heard someone say that something happened, they didn’t actually see it themselves.

What the Arrested Person Said

It’s important for an arrested person to avoid speaking during or after their arrest because anything can be used against them in the court case. Unfortunately, many people continue to talk to try to avoid an arrest or to make sure someone hears their side of the story. A lawyer will look through the arrest record to see if their client said anything and, if so, what they said.

There are many things a criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD can do to help their client, and it all starts with going through the case to learn what has happened and what they might be able to do. If you would like an attorney to review your case and see what can be done, contact Marc A. Zeve, PA Attorney at Law or visit his website now. Hiring an attorney might help you minimize the impact an arrest could have on your future.

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