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What’s Best; Buying A Used Car From A Dealer Or A Private Individual?

When you set your sights on buying a used car you have multiple choices, you can turn to a dealer or you can focus on private sellers. Of the two, which is better? Both have their good points and bad, here is a look at the pros and cons of each.

The history of the vehicle:

It stands to reason that someone who has owned and driven the car will know more about it than a dealer will. A dealer can provide you with independent reports that provide some history but never as much as the owner. The only thing to be concerned with is the credibility of the owner, which is something that you don’t have to worry about with an independent report.


It is not as easy to finance used cars in New Lennox as it is to finance new cars. In many cases the interest rate is higher and there are banks especially that shy away from financing the purchase of a used car past a certain age or mileage limit.

The majority of banks will not finance the purchase of a used car from a private seller. The seller does not put his or her reputation on the line; it makes no difference to this seller whether the description of the vehicle is right or not. This is certainly not the case with a dealer of used cars in New Lennox, their hard fought reputation is far more important than any particular sale and banks know it.


As noted, a dealer is staking his reputation on every sale that is made. If a dealer sells a car that is plagued with problems and these problems are not disclosed, it won’t take long for this to get around. A private seller really doesn’t care; they are not in the business of selling used cars in New Lennox. You can expect great dealers to stand behind what they sell, a private seller will not.

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