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Using Diamond Jewelry Repair Services To Reset A Stone

When someone has a diamond engagement ring, they usually wish to show it off to those they come into contact with daily. If a diamond becomes dislodged because a prong becomes bend on the shaft of the ring, going to a business that does Diamond jewelry repair services is best. If someone tries to bend the prong back on their own, they may find that the diamond does not appear straight, or they may lose it altogether due to poor repair work.

First, the diamond and the ring will need to be brought to a service to have an evaluation done of the overall condition. A repair specialist will make recommendations on the best way to have the ring repaired, so the diamond does not become dislodged again in the future. Usually, the ring will need to be sent away to a specialist to have this work done. They will have the appropriate equipment needed to heat the metal of the shaft so it can be re-positioned properly.

Many people get nervous in leaving their fine jewelry with a business for repair. To protect themselves, they may want to take photographs of the jewelry beforehand. Another way to be safe is by bringing the jewelry to an established business rather than one that had just opened. Looking at reviews online for the establishment may also be beneficial in giving the person the peace of mind that their jewelry will remain safe while in the service’s possession.

After the ring is repaired, the service will do an inspection of the diamond and the remainder of the band to ensure there are no other faulty areas that may cause problems in the future. They would also take the time to clean the diamond as well as the band so it appears like new when the customer goes to retrieve it.

If someone wishes to go to a business that offers Diamond jewelry repair services to fix their engagement ring, they may want to consider taking a trip to Elliott’s Jewelers. Visit them today to have an evaluation of the ring done so they can offer their recommendations on the appropriate repair method needed.

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