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What to Bring For Your Dog Boarding Kennels in Bowie Stay

There are many reasons why you may have to temporarily house your pet at dog boarding kennels in Bowie or elsewhere. No matter what your reason, you should not just drop off the dog and leave. Your dog is going on a vacation and needs items packed for his or her vacation. Here are some tips from Gambrills Veterinary on what to pack for your furry friend.

Dry and Canned Food

Many dog kennels in Bowie and elsewhere serve only premium food for your dog. However, your dog may have special dietary needs. In that case, pack all food for your dog and leave instructions with the staff. It’s best to pack kibble and treats in individual bags for each meal so as to ensure freshness and the correct amount to be given to your dog. Label all of the food bags, cans or treats so they will not get lost. Make enough for an extra three days in case there is an emergency and you cannot pick your dog up until later.

Proof of Vaccinations

Boarding kennels or dog hotels usually will not accept pets that do not proof of vaccination. Your vet’s office staff should be able to print these records out for you. Kennel staff will let you know which specific vaccinations they require. If you are using a kennel at a vet’s office, then they should be able to vaccinate your dog right before the dates of your dog’s stay.

Your Dog’s Medications

If your dog needs to take medications regularly, it’s best to provide these medications and instructions, even if the kennel is located inside or next to a veterinary clinic. Not all vet clinics will stock whatever medication your dog takes. It’s good to bring medication to ensure that it will be available for your dog.

Emergency Contact Information

In case of accident or injury, the kennel staff will need to get in contact with you immediately. Please provide this contact information like phone numbers or email addresses when you bring your dog in.

What About Toys or Blankets?

Before you pack your dog’s favorite toys or blanket, ask kennel staff if this is okay. Some boarding kennels will not allow bedding or toys brought with dogs because they supply these needs for your dogs.