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Make Your Dog A Happy, Behaved Part of the Family With Pet Training In Alexandria, VA

It’s thrilling to have a new puppy or dog in the family. You look forward to having a constant companion on hikes, in the home and with you in just about every aspect of your life. However, before you can integrate your puppy into your lifestyle, pet owners need to invest time and effort into Pet Training in Alexandria VA, first. This pet training sets the stage for a happy family in the future.

It’s a shame that some people resist training their pet because they fear breaking their spirit, or they consider them a member of the family. But, the opposite side of that coin is, just as you wouldn’t expect a child to go into an adult setting like a dinner party or a fancy restaurant and act well-behaved unless she’d been brought up that way, you shouldn’t expect a dog to be well behaved around people when they haven’t had extensive Pet Training in Alexandria VA. Starting at a young age, pet training sets the foundation for how the dog will behave at home and in front of others. You’re actually doing a dog a disservice by not training them, then getting mad at him when he only acts the way he would naturally act because he hasn’t been trained otherwise. The dog is not to blame because no one has taught him not to growl at what he sees as a threat. But, he’s been put into a potentially dangerous position because no one trained him to interact with children or not to jump on strangers.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog. He’s one that is included on family outings, taken to the park, and let in when people come over to the house. He’s not banished to the basement, put in the spare bedroom or left at home when the family goes out. Those work-arounds for misbehaving dogs only leave the dog feeling unloved. However, when he’s well-trained, he can be included with all activities and truly be a part of the family.

While it’s best to start training from the time a dog is a pup, it’s never to late to start. Contact us to learn more information on how your dog can benefit from pet training.

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