What Exactly Does the HVAC Technician Do to Service Your Maple Grove MN Air Conditioner?

by | May 30, 2013 | Heating & Air conditioning

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Many appliances used in the home do not require regular maintenance. Your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and other appliances usually work just fine all year without needing any special care. Your air conditioner, however, requires professional maintenance at least once every year. What exactly does the HVAC technician do when he “services” your air conditioning unit, and how are these precautions helpful? These are some questions you may be asking yourself as you look for HVAC Service Maple Grove MN.

The first thing that your HVAC technician will do to service your air conditioner is clean the condenser coils and evaporator coils. He will spray the coils carefully and thoroughly with an acid wash mixed with water. This removes dust, dirt and other debris. An air conditioner with clean coils will work more efficiently, extending the life of the unit and saving you money on electricity.

Next, the technician will check all the electrical contacts and relays for damage. Usually, any damage found is from normal wear and tear. If any fault is found with the unit’s electrical parts, they will need to be repaired or replaced. This will ensure that your air conditioner will continue to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

Finally, the HVAC technician will check the “charge” on the unit, meaning the amount of coolant in it. If the unit has too little coolant, it’s undercharged. An undercharged unit can literally freeze up and fail to cool your home properly. If there is too much coolant, the unit is overcharged. An overcharged unit can suffer a major breakdown. A third problem that can happen with coolant is a leak, which obviously would require immediate repair to restore the air conditioner to peak operating conditions.

If it’s time for your air conditioner to be serviced, you should definitely seek professional HVAC Service Maple Grove MN. Homeowners should not attempt to service their own air conditioning equipment. The average person could probably learn how to clean their own air conditioning coils, but servicing the unit is much more than simply cleaning. An experienced professional is needed to check the electrical parts and coolant as well. It’s best to trust the professional rather than risk damaging the equipment or seriously injuring yourself. Visit our website for to schedule HVAC service in Maple Grove MN.

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