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Get a Massage in Dayton to Relax or Quell Fibromyalgia Pain

Recent medical studies show that a Massage Dayton appointment can help bring relief to fibromyalgia patients. In 2013, 36 of them were divided into two groups of equal size. The first group received their medical care and attended classes to learn how to manage their condition. The second group also continued their prescribed medical care. In addition they participated in alternative therapies including therapeutic massage, aerobic conditioning, and heat treatments. When they started the study their wasn’t much difference in the overall health, pain levels, or the ability of the patients to move. By the end of the study the second group had surpassed the first in their level of vitality, increased desire for social contact, their grips were stronger and they could walk faster for six minutes. This improvement only got stronger as time went on. One month after the study ended the second group continued to improve, while the first did not.

Many people suffer from stress which affects their ability to concentrate on their tasks during the day or to sleep at night. As they become more tired they get more stressed and they are trapped on a vicious cycle. Exercise is always one of the first things to go on a daily schedule when people are exhausted. Then, this also contributes to a higher level of stress. Regular massage has been found to reduce stress levels. After their first massage, people report that they feel relaxed for the first time in ages. Many feel so relaxed during their first massage that they actually fall asleep. This relaxation helps reduce sleepless nights.

During a massage in Dayton session the professional massage therapist works with each muscle group to release the tension in it. As the body relaxes, the mind often calms down as well. The circulations increases and the body produces its own natural pain relievers called endorphins. Because this improvement can be short-lived, massage therapy is most effective when it becomes part of the patient’s routine. They should try to have a massage once a week to start. As the patient’s body becomes more accustomed to relaxation, cleansing and producing natural pain relievers, the effects are maintained longer and become more pronounced.

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