What Do I Get with an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit? Sep09


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What Do I Get with an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Now that you have made the decision to start vaping, you’re probably getting a good idea of how many different kinds of e-cigarette accessories and equipment are available for you to choose from. While this is probably a great thing, it can also be a source of confusion and hesitation for vaping novices who are just not even sure where to begin. After all, everyone’s products look great and claim to give you the most awesome vaping experience ever, but do you really want to “piecemeal” your way through the crowded world of vaping accessories? Wouldn’t it be much better if you just had an electronic cigarette starter kit that included everything you need to kick off your vaping experience the right way?

Thankfully, the fine folks at Breathe Intelligent Cigarette have answered that call, and they have responded by assembling a number of excellent e-cigarette starter kits for beginning vapers to cut their teeth on. These starter kits function as the “Swiss army knife” of vaping, giving you everything you need to get started without having to go back two or three different times to get that one accessory or piece of equipment that you forgot. One of the best kits to consider along those lines is the Breathe

Premium Elite starter kit

This sleek kit has everything you need, including 16 refills (menthol or tobacco flavor), 1 USB charger, 2 batteries, and 1 wall charger. Once you have made your way through the 16 refills (roughly equivalent to 2 cartons of cigarettes), you can always order the popular 7-pack refill from Breathe, and since you will already have your battery or USB charger (or wall charger) from the starter kit, you can seamlessly continue your vaping experience without skipping a beat. Talk about getting started off right!

As you can see, the electronic cigarette starter kits offered by Breathe are a wise and highly convenient choice if you’re looking to minimize the hassle and potential confusion that often befalls beginning vapers. Why make things complicated when they just don’t have to be? Launch your vaping experience the right way by ordering your starter kit today!

Breathe Intelligent Cigarette provides the public with educational information regarding the Electronic Cigarette Industry. Please visit breatheic.com to learn more and to purchase electronic cigarette, vaping, and e-hookah products including wholesale distribution.

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