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The History of Diamond Crown Cigars

Like any immigrant that decided to migrate to the United States in the late 1800’s, seeking the American dream drove these individuals to create something that stood out so they could leave their mark and become successful. Julius Caesar Newman emigrated from Austria-Hungary in the year of 1895 with a vision to create cigars like no other. Starting in a barn basement, he worked his way up and kept on persevering. About one hundred years later, Julius Caesar Newman’s son who was named Stanford Newman, wanted to continue his father’s original vision and honor him. The way he decided to honor him was by creating an extremely special cigar and those are the Diamond Crown cigars that are available to this very day.


Stanford Newman came up with the idea of creating the Diamond Crown cigars to honor his father’s dream in the year of 1991. This idea soon then was discussed it with his partner named Carlos Fuente, Sr. Being that the one hundred year anniversary for the company was soon to come, Stanford wanted to create a highly sophisticated and exquisite line of cigars unmatched by any competition in the industry. Diamond Crown cigars were the line being discussed and the name supports that high honor and vision that the late Julius Caesar Newman once envisioned.

How to Get the Richest Flavors, 1992

Diamond Crown cigars could not be like any other so brainstorming was a challenge. Both Newman and Fuente knew that in order to infuse the richest and consistent flavoring possible, Diamond Crown cigars were going to have to be much thicker than any others were before its time. The fact that Diamond Crown cigars were going to sport a much larger ring size, that allowed for the perfect combination and blending of 6-7 tobacco leaves. With the perfect marriage between the blends of leaves used to create these cigars, Diamond Crown cigars range from the 8 ½ Robusto No. 1 down to the Robusto No. 8 – ring size being 54.

Official Launch, Celebrating 100 Years

The official launch for Diamond Crown cigars was in the year of 1995, in none other than the highly esteemed Beverly Hills, CA. Diamond Crown cigars were intended to start being available on the west coast of the United States and then gradually make their way over to the east coast. Unfortunately, this idea never came to fruition because the demand for them grew exponentially leading to them only being available in the finest of specialty shops. Diamond Crown cigars were a huge hit and are still limited – adding to their high class and allure of enjoying one of them.

Stanford Newman did not want to leave anyone out and in the year of 2005 – he had the idea to combine two legendary cigar-producing families, which were the Fuentes and Olivas. By the combination of these highly esteemed cigar-crafting families, the Diamond Crown cigars line grew to create fuller flavored cigars to be enjoyed by more people worldwide. As the J.C Newman Cigar Company continues to grow, so do the flavor profiles and ideas for the Diamond Crown cigars line as well.

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