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Using The Services Of A Real Estate Lawyer In San Diego

No one should buy a home or other real estate without consulting an attorney. When people buy real estate, there are many legally-binding contracts involved. It is always preferable to have a lawyer approve any contract. Buying a house is probably the biggest purchase most people will ever make. It makes sense to have someone on your side.

When people decide to buy a home, a real estate agent assists them in negotiations. However, the agent is working to make money for themselves. Any documents should be examined by a Real Estate Lawyer in San Diego. Kaloogian & Fuselier, LLP handles a variety of real estate transactions. Unfortunately, people often find construction defects in their newly-purchased homes. The real estate agent’s goal is to sell property, as quickly as possible. Disclosing defects are not in the seller’s best interest. However, homeowners can take legal action if any defect impacts the value of the home. Common defects include:

  • defective windows and doors
  • termite infestations
  • building code violations
  • defects in roofing
  • foundation problems

Construction defects, like water intrusion, may lead to mold problems. Someone can buy a house that literally makes them sick. Toxic mold may be present if the previous homeowner failed to maintain the property. They could have failed to disclose that a flood occurred, or pipes in the house burst. If someone suspects a mold problem, they should contact a Real Estate Lawyer in San Diego. Homeowners may face the pitfall of wrongful foreclosure.

Many mortgage companies are unscrupulous when it comes to foreclosure. You may be paying the mortgage and still receive a foreclosure notice. Sometimes, homeowners are taken advantage of when they modify or refinance a mortgage. Lenders have certain rules and regulations to follow, and often they try to get around them. If a loan is bought several times, by different companies, something may go wrong with the paperwork. If the unforeseeable happens, it is time to contact the Best Real Estate Attorney In San Diego. The lawyer will negotiate with the lender, and if necessary they will file suit. Don’t lose your home because of someone else’s wrongdoing.