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How Does an Accident Injury Attorney in Biloxi MS Work?

Your Accident Injury Attorney in Biloxi MS is an experienced lawyer that focuses on multiple areas of injury law. Auto accidents usually make up a great many of the cases your accident attorney deals with, but they are only the start of what your lawyer can do. Many accident attorneys in the Biloxi and Gulfport area also take cases involving on the job injuries, slip and falls, dog bites, hospital injuries, nursing home injuries, and more. If you were hurt because of circumstances beyond your control and you think another party may be at fault, then you might have a strong case to take to an accident injury lawyer.

Your Car Accident Attorneys in Biloxi, MS usually work on a basis known as a contingency payment plan. Contingency payment means that you are responsible for payment only under certain circumstances, namely if your attorney wins the case for you or gets a cash settlement for you. With contingency payment plans, your lawyer will begin work on your case with no money out of your pocket. You will not need to make a down payment or pay any money to the attorney out of your own pocket at any time when you have a contingency payment plan. Your lawyer will be working for future payment in the form of a percentage. Normally, that percentage ranges from 25 to 33 percent in the state of Mississippi. In the event that you have a more complicated accident case, your case may end up in court before being decided. Since court cases are considerably more complicated than those which are settled in negotiations out of court, you may be charged a higher percentage (40 percent maximum in the state of Mississippi.) However, you will usually receive greater rewards from a court case than you would from one settled out of court.

Your Accident Injury Attorney in Biloxi MS will work diligently on all aspects of your case, starting with investigation of the accident. If the accident scene is still accessible your lawyer will investigate or send an investigator to make notes and take photos. Your lawyer will compile all your medical treatment documentation, all your physician statements, all your personal statements about the accident, and any witness statements as well. Cases pursued with an attorney generally result in far higher returns than those pursued without one, so working with a lawyer is well worth it!